Branding for Johns Hopkins University Center for Medical Humanity and Social Medicine newly released magazine: Tendon
Art direction
Johns Hopkins University Center for Medical Humanities & Social Medicine
April 2019
Through Tendon, the JHU Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine wishes to create a space for sharing ideas and projects across social medicine and the medical humanities. My role in the project is to lead the art direction and to generate a visual system that helps to bring Tendon to life. The final deliverables include a logo, a book cover for the 1st issue, posters for the official launch party, and a souvenir.
Tendon is a literary and visual arts magazine that aims to create space for ideas and projects inspired by the medical humanities, including the social sciences, the natural sciences, history of the body, and science and technology studies. Supported by the JHU Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine, Tendon tends to the seen and the unseen; links the concrete and the abstract; and explores sites of connection, traversal, and entanglement. Tendon creates a space where sensory pleasure and knowledge co-exist, and publishes biannually beginning in Spring 2019.  
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For a magazine that serves as a bridge between different subjects, I focused on visually representing the concept of the connection between science and humanistic art, and their individual characteristics. The project shows my ability to utilize a 3-Dimensional environment to make 2-Dimensional images. Through the exploration of the new program Maxon Cinema 4D, I found a way to generate variations based on identical elements and central imagery.