Branding & web design for Brooklyn-based non-profit creative agency Artrepreneurship
Project management
UX research
UI design
Art direction
Pei Jung Ho
Judy Ye
Leng Yue
The project was completed during the three-month internship in Wix Design Playground. I, along with Judy and Leng re-branded the visual system and built a new website for Brooklyn-based non-profit organization Artrepreneurship. The goal was to create a compelling website that communicates the organization's core values, promotes its creative agency business, and to build an online community following up with the offline courses and activities.
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Before getting on with the design process, my partners and I made a great effort on understanding clients' needs and the difficulties they faced by in-person meetings and visiting their studio. After in-depth research, we summarized the major challenges that existed in their previous website: outdated, text-heavy/lack of interaction with users, unclear information, and ambiguous navigation. 
We, then, started the UX research and testing UI design targeting at our defined problems. After back-and-forth wireframing, examinations, and client checks, we not only generated the final solution for the visual and web structure but also helped clients to organize their online marketing focuses. 
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Homepage design iterations

NGO-10 copy.png

Final solution

Original homepage from Artrepreneurship website

Applying energetic elements like images, bright colors, hand-writing, and dynamic, bold structure into the final result, we aimed to emphasize Artrepreneurship's spirits and business direction. In order to solve the text-heavy and unclear information problems they had, we also re-created the web content, trying to reduce the visual fatigue and to engage with the users. 
"The website’s asymmetrical design is colorful and creative, while also retaining readability. " In October 2019, the newly-built Artrepreneurship website is featured in article 20 Best Nonprofit Websites that Truly Make a Difference from official Wix Blog.