2023 Miaoli Expo: The Conversation Between Generations
Creating a visual identity based on the developed concept for the 2023 Miaoli Expo: The Conversation Between Generations
Art direction
content writer
School project
Spring 2019
Inspired by my own experience growing up in Miaoli, the visual of this fictitious Expo focused on illustrating the rich Hakka culture, energetic county lifestyle, tradition, religion, and relaxing environment of Miaoli, Taiwan.
The project was completed through a typical design process compassing: research, ideation/intuitive making, concept development & writing, synthesize visual ideas, testing/prototyping, refinement, evaluation of entire system, craft and production, and presentation. 
As technology is developing over time, it not only changes the actual material condition of human life but also significantly affects the spiritual aspect of modern society. In considering that Miaoli is confronting problems of the generation gap and the disappearance of traditional cultures under the influence of globalization, the 2023 Miaoli Expo: The Conversation between Generations focuses on the improvement of social networks, especially the interaction between people from different age groups in present days. It further leads to two prospects of future benefits and local development in Miaoli: preserving traditional cultures and bringing innovation into outdated ideology. 

Visual Inspiration

The theme highlights the interaction between newness and the tradition, the relationship between younger and older generations as well as the connection between people and their hometowns.

The Expo aims to foster the interaction between local residents, therefore, the targeted audiences would be everyone who lives in Miaoli. However, it is also designed to pioneer solutions for those regions that have the same issues as Miaoli’s. Thus, it is beneficial to have as many participants as well for the long-term goodness in general. Not only raising the public’s awareness of existing problems, the Expo, functioning as a bridge between younger and older generations, will ideally construct an effective interaction for local residents to better understand different perspectives around them. Furthermore, the local government will take action to formal preserve the disappearing traditional cultures by organizing historical archives and constructing museums.

The comprehensive recognition of one’s own culture is the foundation of developments.